Building solid innovation

Fagnano Concrete is a leading firm in the integration of concrete production processes, with over twenty years’ experience in the field of aggregates and upstream integration, with the selection of raw materials, thanks to the firm’s concession for the extraction of aggregates in the Sinni river basin.

Concrete is produced in 4 concrete mixing plants located in strategic positions in the municipalities of Tursi, Policoro, Montalbano and Guardia Perticara. In addition, Fagnano Concrete owns two other plants: one for the production of Cement Aggregates and one for the production of Bituminous Aggregates, both in the municipality of Policoro.

This combination of plants can meet the demands of companies the length of the Ionian coast.

The concrete is transported and delivered using concrete mixer trucks and laid using pumps which can meet any requirement in terms of time and quantity delivered.



Product quality is constantly monitored and evaluated for compliance with standards by highly qualified staff in our in-house laboratory, fully equipped with appropriate instruments for measuring product quality.

Concretes produced by Fagnano Concrete comply with the performance criteria stipulated by the 2008 Technical Standards for Construction and conform to the quality control specifications for cement conglomerates issued by the Ministry of Public Works central technical service, and the guidelines on preformed concrete.