Passion and progress

Extensive experience, a spirit of innovation and plenty of passion are the lifeblood of Fagnano Asphalt.

Fagnano Asphalt can rely on:

– a constantly upgraded fleet of machinery
– an enormous plant for the production of bituminous aggregates
– a state-of-the-art laboratory

Thanks to constant research geared to improvement in techniques and technology, systematic evaluation of processes and the monitoring of production by engineers, Fagnano Asphalt is in a position to meet clients’ requirements from the planning phase of the aggregate mix, to the execution and testing of the product.

The firm’s distinctive characteristic is its constant investment in the search for innovative solutions which can respond to any challenge.

Among Fagnano Asphalt’s numerous experiences, one of the most important is undoubtedly the ability to manufacture special road surfaces.


Our plants

Concrete plant, Tursi
Concrete plant, Policoro
Cement aggregate plant, Policoro
Bituminous aggregate plant, Policoro
Concrete plant, Montalbano Ionico
Concrete plant, Guardia Perticara