From Sinnica to the Future

Fagnano Service was founded after a process of structural transformation of the Sinnica Calcestruzzi group, in operation since 1983.

To facilitate integration downstream of the group, in 2005 Sinnica Calcestruzzi acquired the operational branch of Opere Generali, active in the construction and public works sector, and turned it into Fagnano Service.

Constant growth over the years has led to a gradual process of expansion of the organisational structure of Fagnano Service, with increasing staff numbers and the enlargement of offices, until the transfer to the new premises in Policoro (MT), the base for engineers and staff involved in the planning and management of projects.

The new premises, occupying an area of 3,000 square metres including 400 square metres of office, is now a comprehensive logistics centre, with hardware and software for appropriate planning, oversight and document management of construction processes.

From the outset, professionalism and experience in the sector, combined with expertise, have allowed Fagnano Service to secure contracts for the execution of major public works such as:

  • the redevelopment of the Pini district in Matera,
  • the refurbishment and redesign of the Colombato canal and the Patemisco river in the municipality of Massafra (MT),
  • the repair of the road bed damaged by extraordinary weather events in the municipality of Policoro (MT),
  • emergency maintenance work and water and sewerage links to the Lucano aqueduct, and other major projects.

The firm currently owns the following assets: :
Aggregates plant, Tursi (MT) – C.da Mulino Vecchio
– Aggregates plant, Montalbano Jonico (MT) – C.da S. Cataldo
Aggregates quarry, Montalbano Jonico (MT) – loc. Nocito


Construction of roads, bridges, viaducts and underground transport structures

Construction, maintenance and restoration of roads, dual carriageways and motorways, including specific interventions such as special surfaces, artificial tunnels, junctions at ground level or elevated, car parks, slope reinforcement. Construction of structures and surface for transport networks, including national and local railway lines, underground railways, funiculars and all types of tram lines, airport runways and heliport pads, stations, paving using particular materials, both natural and artificial, as well as bridges, including complex designs in iron, reinforced concrete either simple or precomressed, prefabricated or laid onsite.

Construction of underground structures such as road junctions, either ground level or elevated, street-level parking, slope reinforcement, natural tunnels, road tunnels, underpasses.


Construction of components for aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and drainage.

Construction, maintenance and restoration of water capture plants, structures for water purification plants, aqueducts, piezometric towers. lifting systems, underground or elevated tanks, culverts, supply and laying of pipelines, drains and structures for sewage treatment, gas and oil pipelines.

Construction of river and flood defence infrastructure, water treatment and land drainage

Construction, maintenance and refurbishment of canals, expansion basins, estuary structures, reinforcement of river and stream beds, all types of dams, management and control of surface water, baffles for hydraulic systems, crossbeams for bypasses and slope stabilisation.

Excavation, repair and modification of earthworks

Excavation, repair and modification of earthworks, whatever the nature of the land to be dug or restored: plants, clay, sand, gravel or rock.

Special structural works

Construction of works for shifting load, including supporting poles, subfoundations, special posts and containing walls, moorings, repair works for static structures, the execution of surveys and subsoil exploration, load testing, wells, stabilisation of slopes and special works for draining, waterproofing and reinforcing land.

Public and private residential and non-residential construction

Construction and extraordinary maintenance of offices and buildings for the service sector, shopping centres, warehouses and factories, garages and car parks, collective housing, transport stations, residential housing.


The need to consolidate the firm’s organisational and management structure in order to guarantee the quality standards defined by clients in the planning and commissioning phase has led to Fagnano Service’s implementation of a system of business management compliant with ISO 9001.

The quality system adopted also guarantees:

  • Appropriate examination of the criteria for the execution of works in accordance with the client’s specifications and the technical and production capacity of Fagnano Asphalt.
  • Correct planning of works, monitoring and assessment of operations during execution.
  • Appropriate integration in processes and in the handling of all associated requisites (laws, regulations, standards etc) concerned with construction.

The Fagnano Service Quality System is certified in compliance with the standard  ISO 9001:2008 for road construction activities (certificate 31009/TQS, date of issue 16/03/2016) by the accredited certifying agency Eurocert. The certification refers to the management aspects of the company’s activities, and is valid for the certification of construction companies in accordance with article 8 of law no. 109 of 11th February 1994 and subsequent amendments, and the presidential decree no. 34 of 25th January 2000.



Fagnano Service is in possession of the SOA certificate for the categories listed below:

OG13 I
OS21-A I