The group’s reliability

Fagnano Financial forms the backbone of the group, as the operational holding company.

A company which carries out production and/or exchange of goods and/or services; specifically, Fagnano Financial is responsible for the group’s economic, financial and property strategies, playing a leading role in the business scene in the south of Italy.

Fagnano Financial has been active for years on the Italian property scene, and today it is noted for a series of projects on the Basilicata hotel and tourism market.

These projects are geared to consolidating the firm’s position, on the one hand, and injecting new life into a region with enormous potential for tourism, on the other.

Fagnano Financial has always planned its investment activities on the basis of careful selection of properties and on a variety of geographical locations and business sectors, in the certainty that a carefully planned investment in unrepeatable circumstances, is the skeleton on which to build a solid financial entity.

Over the years the firm has drawn on its wide network of contacts to build a solid and active business.

Fagnano Financial invests independently as well as in conjunction with other investors, both public and private.